Anne Phillips - Singer, Composer and Producer

The Jazz Nativity

Never has there been such a combination of jazz and theater!

44_jn_11skatoff_24_copyPeople of all faiths, for jazz fans and those new to it, young and old, return year after year.  The joy, love and camaraderie inherent in the show radiates throughout the audience.

The show was written and arranged by singer-songwriter Anne Phillips at the suggestion of the late John Garcia Gensel, “The Jazz Pastor” of St. Peter’s Church.  The Jazz Nativity was premiered in 1985.

The original music written by Ms. Phillips, Bob Kindred and Dave and Iola Brubeck is combined with well-known carols.  The soundtrack recording features the late CBS journalist Charles Kuralt as host and jazz greats Lionel Hampton, Dave Brubeck and Tito Puente.

The show plays annually in New York and cities across the country.

“In Bethlehem in the grotto where Christ was born, a light shines into the darkness.  The light is meant to serve, as light serves for so many religions and philosophies, as a symbol of truth and love and hope. Hope, that even in a dark season, we may begin to see the world BENDING TOWARDS THE LIGHT.”
– Charles Kuralt from The Jazz Nativity

“Brilliant, infectious, the music roars … a spell-binding production!”
– New York Amsterdam News

“None of the classics is half so giddy, nor so utterly entertaining as “The Jazz Nativity.”
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“By the end of “The Jazz Nativity” you know you’ve been through something wonderful.”
Dr. Billy Taylor, CBS Sunday Morning

“It swings so hard you dance in your seat …”
– US 1

The Jazz Nativity Gallery

Jazz Nativity performances in 2016

December 3
St Luke Lutheran Church
1500 w Belmont
Chicago, IL

December 6
Colorado Springs CO
Greensboro, NC
Wrightsville Beach, NC

December 17
Lutheran Home
800 W Oakton
Arlington Heights, ON

December 18
Christ & St Stephens Church
hosted by Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday Morning
120 W. 69th St

December 20
Mt Carmel Church
Utica, NY