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I think I came out of the womb singing and playing piano. My father was a yarn salesman and my mother a housewife. Much to their wonderment, I could play almost anything I heard on the radio. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if she turned out to be somebody who could play by ear. She'd have so much fun at parties!" said my mother. I wasn't from a NY show biz family. I was from suburban Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

I didn't really hear any jazz until I was a senior in high school when by a serendipitous meeting I was asked to join a very hip vocal group of grown-up jazz musicians. I knew where I belonged!

I went on to Oberlin where of course I joined the newly formed Jazz Club and we put on the first "Brubeck at Oberlin" concert. I was the "other act" singing with a grad student trio and the big band.

When I was 19, I came to New York. Because I played piano and sang and almost every restaurant and bar had a piano in it I worked six nights a week … six hours a night. Some great gigs: (opposite Bobby Short at the Beverly Hotel, Number One Fifth Avenue,) and a good many dives. But it was a great time to arrive in New York. There were demos for songwriters, TV shows, record dates, concerts, jingles, work for singers!

But you can read more about that in my bio.

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Bending Towards the Light A Jazz Nativity
FRIDAY, DEC. 6  7:00
Christ & St. Stephen’s Church
120 West 69th St
New York, NY

The Three Kings:  Houston Person, Maurice Chestnut & Joe Magnarelli

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Anne tells her story in the Fall 2017 issue of the International Alliance of Women in Music Journal.
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